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21 Mai
du 21 mai 2015 au 22 mai 2015 Journée complète
Europe Luxembourg (lieux différents selon programme)

Forum Luxinnovation : « Business meets Research » Forum "Business meets research"

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Date limite d'inscription : register to the event until 11 May 2015

Business meets Research LuxinnovationL’agence nationale d’innovation du Luxembourg – Luxinnovation – organise un Forum ayant pour but de faciliter la mise en place de collaborations entre la recherche publique et les entreprises privées, et de promouvoir les compétences de la recherche publique via des visites dans les laboratoires de recherche, et un événement B2B Matchmaking.

About « Business meets research »

The main ambition is to build bridges between private companies and public research laboratories that could benefit from collaborating with each other in the field of research and innovation. For the first time ever, Business meets Research will offer participants the opportunity to visit research laboratories and see researchers demonstrate their latest projects, technologies and equipment in their everyday working environment.

Discover Luxembourg research capabilities

21 May _ Thematic visits:

  • Visit 1: Web 3.0 Business Intelligence
  • Visit 2: People, Cars and Digital Forensics
  • Visit 3: Digital Humanities Lab
  • Visit 4: Digital Fabrication and Manufacturing
  • Visit 5: Systems Biomedicine and ICT
  • Visit 6: From Immunodiagnostics to Immunotherapy
  • Visit 7: Nanomaterials towards Applications
  • Visit 8: Environmental Technologies
  • Visit 9: Opto-Electronics
  • Visit 10: Innovation in Sustainable Construction
  • Visit 11: Laboratory for Solid Structures
  • Visit 12: Automation, Robotics and Computer Vision

Places are limited

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Key Enabling Technologies for Competitiveness

21 May _ Prof. Dr Gabriel Crean
Future CEO Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Chairman Sherpa Group
Key Enabling Technologies (KET) High-Level Expert Group

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Fraunhofer IBMT presents mobile lab technologies

21 May _ Visit the Labor der Zukunft (« Laboratory of Tomorrow »), a mobile laboratory by Fraunhofer IBMT in the field of biobanking and epidemiology. Get hands-on experience in the operation of such a laboratory and insight into the background of a sample collection in the field of human biomonitoring.

Labor der Zukunft

Innovation matchmaking

22 May _  Bilateral face-to-face meetings organised upon request with representatives of companies and public research laboratories.

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