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    Partner in R&D projects!

    Are you looking to set up a public-private R&D project to develop any therapeutic innovation? Are you looking for a very innovative technology, patent or scientific expertise?

    Find what you need in Alsace BioValley’s network !
    Here you’ll discover a scientifc goldmine of researchers, companies and academic institutes. In Alsace region, you can work in partnership with great local companies or laboratories and benefit from a world of advantages!

    Alsace BioValley’s business-developers can help you to set up all aspects of efficient R&D projects:

    • matching with targeted local partners
    • building a solid project adapted to market needs
    • finding advices on the best funding schemes

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    Discover Alsace BioValley’s network!

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    Find new business within Alsace BioValley's network!

    Thanks to Alsace BioValley’s network, benefit from new opportunities to detect additional business in the heart of Europe! Alsace BioValley’s business developers are fully mobilized to connect you with the best from Alsace region.

    First let’s discover our main Business services:

    • match new customers & partners through our events
    • gain high visibility
    • access to customized relationships
    • access to personalized advices

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    Set up in Alsace region at the heart of Europe!

    Are you looking to locate an innovative Life Sciences business in a great dynamic environment? Think Europe, Think Alsace region!

    With support from local economic partners, Alsace BioValley’s business developers  will study your project and bring together all the necessary skills and potential resources for you to succeed.They will guide you towards different infrastructures and organizations dedicated to Life Sciences companies.

    What can Alsace BioValley and its partners do for you?

    • give advices on local business location
    • open the door to a pool of local social-economical partners and KOL
    • supply local scientific and market informations

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    Discover Alsace region assets for Health activities!

    Carte trinationale_octogonale
    logo l'Alsace à coeurWith a strategic location in the heart of Europe, Alsace region is the perfect location to do business in Healthcare.

    Located at the crossboarders of France, Germany and Switzerland, Europe’s two largest markets, Alsace gives you access to 300 million consumers within a 900 Km radius.

    Discover Alsace!