EASE, a unique school-factory to train employees to pharma process

logo EASE - European Aseptic and Sterile Environment training centerAt the heart of Europe, Alsace region will soon host a new training center for white room production careers. This innovative school-factory concept really matches industrials’ needs.

A training center built like a pharma factory!

photo batiment EASEAt EASE (European Aseptic and Sterile Environement training center), students will be immersed in real-life industrial conditions and become directly operational as soon as their training ends (initial education, continuing education or professional requalification programs):

  • Training programs based on the use of technical equipment/systems set up in real industrial environment (GMP)
  • Specific and practical know-how + theoretical teaching

EASE will replicate pharmaceutical production factory settings: 32,000 sq ft (3,000 m²) of white rooms on 59,000 sq ft (5,500 m²) of net floor area, dedicated to training.

Located only a few miles away from Strasbourg (major town of Alsace region), near the Faculty of Pharmacy, engineering schools and a high concentration of pharmaceutical players who will be future users of EASE facilities and programs.

Only benefits!

For industrials

  • Train workers in real conditions without tying up production facilities because of in-house training
  • Recruit staff that is immediately and directly operational
  • For companies setting up in Alsace, find and train future workers directly on site
    Redeploy staff from industries in decline towards growth areas

For students and interns

  • 100% immediately operational profile at the end of training = increased recruitment opportunities!



More than 3,500 learners trained every year: 770 students in initial education 220 learners in certificate-leading professional requalification programs (CPQ: certificate of professional qualification) 2500 salaried workers in continuing education

EASE is a founding member of BTEC International network.

A project overseen by Alsace BioValley and University of Strasbourg Contact : cperrot@unistra.fr

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