A campus 100% dedicated to medical technologies

The city of Strasbourg, in cooperation with the Alsace BioValley competitiveness cluster, IRCAD (Research Institute Against Digestive Cancer), the University of Strasbourg, and the Strasbourg University Hospitals, is coordinating the creation of a campus entirely dedicated to medical technologies.

In addition to the IHU Strasbourg (Image-guided Hybrid Surgery Institute), the campus will include technological platforms dedicated to prototyping and pre-industrial phases for medtech innovations. With a particular focus on minimally invasive surgery, implants, biomaterials, and small implant devices, these platforms will make it possible for academic and industrial researchers to quickly develop prototypes in order to optimize R&D and bring benefits to patients in less time. Support services related to process regulations and EU labelling for products in development will also be available.

The Medtech Campus will offer conveniently located, fully equipped accommodations for all potential medtech activities:

image Campus TechMed Strasbourg
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1. The pH8: a hosting site for innovative companies in technology and healthcare

photo du bâtiment du pH8 Strasbourg
The pH8 building ©P.Schalk – CUS

The pH8 is a hosting site for the development of innovative companies in the field of new technologies and health. It is part of a local program of economic, technological and strategic development of the Medical Technology Campus developed within the Strasbourg Civil Hospital.

Opened in 2012, this prestigious site of 1000 m² hosts to date about ten innovative companies in Healthcare, representing more than sixty jobs created.

images du pH8 Strasbourg - the Europtimist

2. The Haras Biocluster: a Medtech business incubator

As a complement to the pH8, the site of Strasbourg’s historic stud farm is being transformed into a Medtech business incubator.

  •   Capacity: 17 businesses
  •   HD connections with IRCAD and the nearby New Civil Hospital
  •   An on-site restaurant and hotel will offer all necessary services to IRCAD partners, fostering contacts and exchange in a hospitable environment.
photo Biocluster les Haras © Haras/Patrick Bogner
© Biocluster Les Haras/Patrick Bogner

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3. The IHU Strasbourg: the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery

photo IHU Strasbourg

The Institute of Image-Guided Surgery of Strasbourg develops innovative surgery to deliver personalized patient care, combining the most advanced minimally invasive techniques and the latest medical imaging methods. The Institute is a unique medical and surgical center dedicated to the management of digestive diseases.

The Institute is:

  • A healthcare center offering personalized treatment using the least invasive techniques;
  • A research center gathering teams to design and develop instruments and procedures for the future;
  • An international training center for professionals and students driven to learn the most advanced minimally invasive practices.

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Co-founded by the Eurometropole Strasbourg and Alsace BioValley, this outstanding project brings together many regional partners such as the University of Strasbourg, the University Hospital of Strasbourg, the IRCAD*, social-economic and public actors.